how to take care of my lingerie wear

How to Take Care of my lingerie wear

You have just fall in love with your Valentina's Lingerie? Awesome!

Valentina reveals her secrets that \ will allow you to care your lovely pieces.
Our creations are made of delicate materials like cotton and embroideries that requires very strict care.


We recommend hand washing all your lingerie wear, in cold water. Use a neutral detergent for delicate laundry.
Do not use fabric softener.


Leave your lingerie to dry in the open air, do not use a tumble dryer.
Do not wring your products to remove excess water.

Do not expose to the sun for too long.















We recommend to do not iron your lingerie wear because the don't need it.

If you want iron your nightwear / homewear you can do it at a very low temperature. 


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